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Research Areas

Engine Modeling and Control

Environmental concern drives the development towards more efficient and less pollutive automobiles and engines. With the increasing computational powers that are becoming available for engine control units, more advanced methods for control and supervision can be implemented. Vehicles are now computerized machines. This fact has had an enormous effect on the possibilities for functionality of vehicles, which together with needs and requirements from customers and from society have created vigorous activities in development and research. Two trends are especially interesting for our research:
  • New designs. These new designs are made possible by, and rely on, the existence of a control and diagnosis system.
  • New methods of signal interpretation. Availability of computinga and network technology have opened up completely new possibilities.

Design of vehicles is thus evolving into co-design of mechanics, control, and diagnosis. The tasks for such improved designs are numerous, but the three key goals we strive for are: high efficiency, which leads to lower fuel consumption, low emissions levels to protect the environment, and good safety.
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Model Based Fault Diagnosis

The goal of model-based fault diagnosis is to detect and isolate faults in a physical process. Our research on model-based diagnosis is focused on how a dynamic or static model of the process can be utilized in the design of a diagnosis system. We investigate both purely theoretical problems and more application-oriented problems. We have a general interest in all kinds of applications, e.g. aircrafts, chemical process plants, automotive engines.
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Vehicle Control

The research in general aims at better vehicle performance in terms of overall efficiency, low emissions, safety, and drivability. This is done by coordinated control of the powertrain, rather than individual control of components.
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History of Vehicular Systems

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