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Vehicular Systems



The division of Vehicular Systems has a clear focus on control, diagnosis, and supervision of functions in vehicles. The overall aim is to develop control systems to obtain performance, safety, energy utilization, and environmental stability. Our strategy is to focus on the system science aspects, and to collaborate with others when it comes to mechanical construction or industrial evaluation. The functions under consideration include advanced engine control, control coordination of vehicle and powertrain systems, and autonomous functions in intelligent vehicles and intelligent roadways.

We also have a clear focus on general research on model-based fault diagnosis. The goal of model-based fault diagnosis is to detect and isolate faults in a physical process. Our research is focused on how a dynamic or static model of the process can be utilized in the design of a diagnosis system. We investigate both purely theoretical problems and more application-oriented problems. We have a general interest in all kinds of applications, e.g. aircrafts, chemical process plants, automotive engines.

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Fredrik Björklund och Elin Karlström lägger fram sitt examensarbete "Enabling Testing of Lateral Active Safety Functions in a Multi-Rate Hardware-in-the- Loop-Environment".
Tid: 13.15
Lokal: Systemet, ing 27, B-huset, våning 2
Kontaktperson: Erik Frisk (erik.frisk@liu.se)
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Sepideh Nikkar lägger fram sitt examensarbete "Estimation of In-Cylinder Trapped Gas Mass and Composition".
Tid: 15.15
Lokal: Algoritmen, ing 27-29, D-korridoren, B-huset, våning 1
Kontaktperson: Andreas Thomasson (andreas.thomasson@liu.se)
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Sergii Voronov försvarar sin licentiatavhandling Data-driven lead-acid battery lifetime prognostics.
Tid: 10.15
Lokal: Planck, Fysik-huset
Opponent: Prof. Thorstein Rögnvaldsson, Halmstad högskola
Kontaktperson: Maria Hamner (maria.hamner@liu.se)
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